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Japan Karatedo ShotoJukuKai - SKJF...."Parting The Clouds - Seeking The Way"                      Japan Karatedo ShotoJukuKai - SKJF.... "Parting The Clouds - Seeking The Way"



Shotokan Karatedo of Japan Federation

The SKJF Celebrates the 141st "Birthday" of
Our Grandmaster - Gichin Funakoshi
November 10th 1868 - 2009


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Welcome to the Japan Karatedo ShotoJukuKai - SKJF

Understanding that your time is often limited, but always quite valuable, take a quick test by answering the following 5 questions and save yourself some of your valuable time and hard earned money.

1.  Are you looking for a credible organization that offers intensive training opportunities and personal support services without bleeding you dry?   YES or NO

2.  Are you looking for an organization that provides authentic and timely grading certification without making you wait decades between tests and charging you and arm and a leg?  

3.  Are you looking for an organization that does not charge you excessive fees for the privilege of wearing their logo patch on your gi without holding you financially hostage?
 YES or NO

4.  Are you looking for an organization that is dedicated to the original values, ways and beliefs of ShotoKan Master - Gichin Funakoshi?  

5.  Finally, are you tired of being terrorized by your present organization who is more interested in the results of their own bottom line rather than yours?  

  So how did you do?  Were you able to answer YES to one or more?  If so, read on; we promise the only other question you will have is "What am I waiting for"?  I should join the SKJF today!!   Remember that the "S" in SKJF will ALWAYS stand for Service, Satisfaction, Sincerity, and of course Shotokan but NEVER $hoto-Con!!!


The ShotoJukuKai



*** OSS!! -- IRASSHAI!! ***


The Shotokan Karatedo of Japan Federation - SKJF is comprised of

 many Shotokan Ryu Yudansha, Dojo Sensei and their students, who

continue to seek out the way of Master Gichin Funakoshi.


This special collective of all who follow Master Funakoshi's own

"special school" is known in Japan as the Shoto-Juku-Kai.  Translated

literally into English, ShotoJukuKai means "The Association of

Special Schools of the Followers of Pine Waves."




"ShotoKan" -vs- "ShotoJuku"


In order to understand the differences and similarities, one must take

a brief look at the history of Shotokan in general.  As most are aware

the name ShotoKan refers directly to the name of "style or system"

directly associated with Gichin Funakoshi.  Although Funakoshi

decided to stay in Japan in April 1922, he deeply wanted his art

"Tode" simply called "Karate" and later "Karatedo".  Despite his

wishes, Funakoshi's pen name "Shoto" meaning "Pine Waves" was

adopted by his students when they named the first free standing Dojo

in 1939.  They called it the "ShotoKan" meaning 'Pine Waves Hall."

In doing so, these students branded a label on what was taught inside.

From that moment on, Funakoshi's art was now called "ShotoKan 



This was not to be the only change that occurred.  During that same time

period the Imperial Japanese war machine was put into high gear and

changed the course of history.  Not just for Japan and the rest of the

world, but in the Shotokan Dojo as well.  For what was then being

taught inside the Dojo and many University Shotokan Clubs was now

becoming streamlined into an effective style of unarmed combat.

Funakoshi himself advised students going off to war to use the

"Karate Charge" if they faced the enemy unarmed.


During this process. Funakoshi opted to abandon some of the

practices involving weapons brought to Japan from Okinawa in 1922.

The weapons of "KOBUDO" meaning the "Ancient Martial Ways"

were virtually placed into storage.  Comprised mainly of farming and

fishing tools, the 5 major weapons of Kobudo consist of the Bo (or

Kon), Sai, Tonfa, Kama and Nunchaku.


During the post war reunification of Karatedo and establishment of both

the Japan Karate Association - JKA and the splinter Group the

Shotokai Karate Association _ SKA (both in 1949), Funakoshi's art

became even more refined and organized.  Unfortunately, neither of

these two groups embraced (or remembered) any Kobudo

whatsoever.  Those that did were usually ostracized and taught Karate

& Kobudo in private schools.  Thus Karatedo seemed to have two

branches; one with Kobudo and one without.  Eventually, these

branches became intertwined and creating a seedling which then

became a very sturdy tree.  This tree is called "ShotoJuku" and

commonly known as the "SKJF."


As Funakoshi observed on many occasions:

"To Search For The Old Is to Understand The New.

The Old, The New, This Is a Matter Of Time."



*** Japan Karatedo ShotoJukuKai - SKJF ***

The Japan Karatedo ShotoJukuKai - SKJF

was founded in 1990.  The SKJF tree is made up of several resolute

branches with very strong and enduring roots.  At the base of this tree

is the SKJF Executive Director & Chief Instructor: Brian R. Fey Sr. -

Nanadan, O' Sensei & Kyoshi - (7th Dan, Chief Instructor & Master

Of The Fine Arts).


O'Sensei Fey, a certified Japanese Yudansha, has studied Shotokan

Karatedo, Kobudo and Iaido for nearly 4 decades.  O'Sensei Fey

began his study of Karatedo in 1971 under the Japan Karatedo

Shotokan KenKoJuku Association which was founded by the late Kancho

Tomosaburo Okano - Kudan (9th Dan).  Kancho Okano was a student

of both Gichin and Giko Funakoshi and founder of the Ken Ko Juku

Shotokan Karatedo Association.  In 1984 O'Sensei Fey became a

student of Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa - Judan (10th Dan) and

founder of the Shotokan Karatedo International Ferderation - SKIF.


In addition, O'Sensei Fey has been fortunate to have been able to

study Karatedo & Kobudo under many notable Japanese Sensei such

as - the late O. Ozawa, T. Miyazaki, M. Takahashi. K. Funakoshi and

F. Demura to name but a few.  As such, O'Sensei Fey has a broad based

knowledge of both Karatedo & Kobudo.  He currently teaches the

entire Shotokan syllabus (including several early versions) as

a certified member of the Zenkoku Karatedo-Kobudo Remmei.


 Serving as the SKJF Executive Director

and Chief Instructor since it's inception, O'Sensei Fey has

striven to provide a strong link between East and West by providing

strong leadership and a true example as to what Master Funakoshi

created in 1922 - Shotokan Karatedo.


The entire SKJF family are all dedicated to the same unique and sole




It is our sincere hope and intention that all SKJF members will be

able to learn from one another and not allow political lines  to

interfere with or impede the cultivation of Budo spirit.  


Since the inception of the SKJF, the organization has grown

throughout the Western hemisphere, establishing it as a recognized

leader in traditional karatedo training and in Budo education.


As the SKJF is a non-political organization, any and all Shotokan Ryu

based Dojo Sensei or Yudansha may become affiliated members.

As there are many organizations and/or interpretations of the

Shotokan-Ryu, the primary role of the SKJF is to eliminate

misunderstandings and restore harmony.


The SKJF is not in the habit or practice of accepting membership on

an "open enrollment" from other Ryu-Ha outside of a Shotokan based

system.  At present, it should be stressed that only those applicants who

are familiar with the practice of the Shotokan-Ryu Kata will be

accepted for membership consideration.


Additionally, one need not vacate his/her current organizational ties

and/or method(s) of Shotokan practice when becoming an SKJF

member.  The SKJF has many members who are affiliated to many

other fine organizations or groups such as the : JKA, ISKF, AJKA,

SKIF, FSKA, IASK, SSKI, SKA, ShotoKai, KenKoJuku and/or

Shotokan-Ryu independents.


Please note that the SKJF is a TRADITONAL organization and only

accepts members who study and teach AUTHENTIC Karatedo and

Not eclectic/hybrid/cardio based systems.  In short, anything short

of wearing a WHITE GI and the study of the main Shotokan Kata

syllabus is not considered traditional or authentic.


Once a membership applicant is accepted, he/she will have the

opportunity to become a member of the SKJF Yudansha Kai.


At present, the SKJF does not accept any independent Kyu (colored

belt) applicants.  Dojo Sensei may however, ask or require that their

own Kyu level students become SKJF affiliates at the Dojo level.


For those without any direct organizational ties or links with Japan,

the SKJF can serve solely as their primary organization giving them a

solid home.


The headquarters branch for the SKJF is the

"Japan ShotoJuku Dojo" located in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

O'Sensei Fey currently oversees member Dojo throughout the entire SKJF organization and

provides personal instruction at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg campus.


ALL mailings are requested to be addressed to the Post Office Box to ensure delivery.


PO Box #1843

Pinellas Park, FL. 33780 USA


SKJF seminars, clinics and special classes are conducted throughout

the year and at many different SKJF Dojo.  These events feature special

special guest instruction from not only O'Sensei Fey, but have

included such notable instructors such as Hirokazu Kanazawa,

Hiroyasu Fujishima, Fumio Demura and the late Osamu Ozawa.


Once registered, SKJF members receive a Japanese rank certificate,

SKJF patch and are entitled to purchase SKJF Kyu certificates and

SKJF patches for their students.  If you have worked hard and pursued

your study of Shotokan Karatedo with honor, then why not be

recognized for your efforts today and stop being held hostage by

those who sit in financial judgment over you.


To that end, the SKJF does not believe in "yearly" membership fees

that require you to send money year after year after year just to

maintain what you have already earned, registered and paid for.  All

SKJF memberships are for the LIFETIME of the member.  Register

once and you are an SKJF member FOREVER!!  No yearly renewal

fees, just a LIFETIME of membership.


LIFETIME DUES = $100.00!!

Click Here For Application Form

This includes a Japanese rank certificate, SKJF patch and a

LIFETIME of training advantages that only the SKJF can offer.


To top things off, all "new" Yudansha examinations are

FREE.  That's right, there is absolutely NO CHARGE for Yudansha



Upon receipt of successful exam results, members may register

their new grade for official SKJF certification.  Additional rank

registration information may be located in the SKJF Rank Page.


For additional SKJF membership information, please send a letter AND

resume outlining your Karatedo experience to   

Contacting The SKJF & Kaicho

Due to the high volume of contacts to the SKJF for membership information, questions, and services,

we are requesting that ALL contacts be sent via E-mail for direct and timely reply.  Our E-mail can be accessed from any computer terminal whereas telephone messages cannot.  In this way your E-mail,

once received will be answered faster and without prolonged delay. 


Please be sure to pose any questions or inquiries with as much

information as possible so as to provide you with a correct reply.


Thanking you in advance!!!!!!!


Please send all E-mail to:





Japan Karatedo ShotoJukuKai - SKJF


O'Sensei Brian R. Fey Sr.

PO BOX #1843

Pinellas Park, Florida. 33780 USA   


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The ShotoJukuKai - SKJF
"Exploring The Many Sides Of Shotokan"


























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